Elias Svensson




Well dressed, with a penchant for checkered jackets and well-polished shoes.

Homicide detective at the NOD, National Operations Department, in Stockholm.

Elias was born in 1965 in Norrland. He’s a tall man with a few extra pounds. Always well dressed, with a penchant for checkered jackets and well-polished shoes. As soon as he completed his training as a police officer, he began working in Stockholm. Elias has a sister who has also been living in Stockholm for many years. His mother was a housewife and his father an engineer. By and large, Elias and his sister had what he would describe as a very normal childhood.

Elias has two kids with his first wife; a son and a daughter. Both are grown up and living their own lives. He has a good relationship with both of them, even if he doesn’t see them as often as he’d like. His divorce from their mother was a very uncomplicated affair, and they managed to remain friends. A few years after the divorce, Elias met a new woman. The relationship quickly came under strain and after running into some problems, they broke up. Elias swore never to get emotionally involved with anyone again and bought a small apartment on a side street off Odengatan in central Stockholm.

When he isn’t in his office at police headquarters on the island of Kungsholmen, he’s busy reading and meticulously caring for his collection of shoes. Whenever he needs to clear his mind, he pours himself a little whisky and sniffs at a cigar in the humidor he inherited from an uncle. He doesn’t smoke, but he likes to be reminded of the conversations he had with his uncle in when he used to visit him in his smoke-infused home.

Cornelia Lind




Single mother of two children, interested in animals

Writer with particular expertise relating to psychopaths.

Cornelia was born in 1973 in Småland, but now lives in a big old house in Eskilstuna. She is 162.5 centimeters tall and of average weight. She is an only child and grew up with her mother and stepfather, the man she calls Dad. She prefers not to talk about her biological father and has had no contact with him since she was twenty-three.

Cornelia trained as a perioperative nurse, but hasn’t worked very much in that capacity. Early on she switched careers and began working for the pharmaceutical industry instead. After thirteen years of doing that, she branched out on her own as a management consultant. In 2014, she released her first book about female leadership. It wasn’t a great success. Her latest book is about living in a relationship with a psychopath, and that is the reason she is contacted by Elias Svensson from the National Operations Department, when he needs help understanding the suspect in a murder case he’s working on.

Cornelia doesn’t have a lot of interests apart from animals and her two sons Hugo and Oscar.


Someone’s friend. Someone’s enemy.