Debute or die

Christina shares her thoughts about what it means to be an author, and the process of writing her book in the podcast Debut or die. Look out for the episode in the middle of September!

My Asperger’s is an asset in my work

In the latest issue of Amelia, Christina Erikson speaks openly about her Asperger’s and how she’s turned it into her superpower.

Christina Erikson signs with Albert Bonnier publishing house!

Getting the chance to publish my crime novels with Albert Bonniers is like winning first prize in the lottery. Some days I still can’t believe it’s true, Christina Erikson says. Even in my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined something like this happening, but here I am, humbly grateful for the opportunity to continue to develop my writing with the best in the business, Christina says. The release date for the first book is set preliminarily for September 2018.